Acousto-optic tunable filter AOTF


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Acousto-optic tunable filter AOTF

Acousto-optic tunable filter with RF driver is all solid-state spectroscopic device, which is mainly used at the wave range of visible light. It has no moving parts. It adopts electronic signal to control scanning and has quick wavelength switching to meet the need of real-time rapid detection. It is provided with the auxiliary driver, and the devices with different wavelength range and resolution parameters can be customized according to user requirements. High precision,
high resolution, quick scanning speed and broad scanning range.
Interaction Material: Tellurium oxide  TeO2
Range of wavelength: 400nm~1000nm
Diffraction efficiency:≥60%(//)@420nm~ 1000nm
                                  ≥40%(//)@400nm~ 420nm
Frequency range:220~65MHz
Spectral line width:≤9nm
Separation angle:≥5.6°
A grade deflection angle:3°±0.05°
Incident optical Aperture:10mmX10mm


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