JCZ EzCAD LMCV4-FIBER-M Laser Marking Control Card Simple Card for Fiber Laser Marking Machine from BeamQus. BJJCZ LMCV4 Ezcad Control Card Laser Controller Board For Fiber Laser Marking Machine alibaba. LASER AND GALVO CONTROLLER LMCV4 SERIES EZCAD2 LMCV4-FIBER For most models of fiber lasers Laser and Galvo Controller for Laser Marking, Etching, Engraving, Welding, Cutting…LMCV4 […]

beam expander

A beam expander will increase the input laser beam by a specific expansion power while decreasing the divergence by the same expansion power, resulting in a smaller collimated beam at a large distance. Beam expanders are optical systems for increasing or decreasing the diameter of a laser beam. A beam expander can enlarge an input […]

nd:yag wavelength

DPSS Nd:YAG lasers come in the wavelengths of 1064nm/ 532nm/ 355nm/ 266nm lasers. A wide range of DPSS Pulsed lasers and systems for your unique application. The Nd:YAG laser was the first type of laser used in urological practice. It uses a crystal of neodymium that produces a light invisible at a continuous wavelength of […]

nd yag

Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) is a crystal that is used as a laser medium for solid-state lasers. Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet; Nd:Y3Al5O12) is a crystal that is used as a lasing medium for solid-state lasers. The dopant, triply ionized neodymium, Nd, typically replaces a small fraction of the yttrium ions in the host […]

hene laser tube

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Q Switch Laser

Q-switched Laser Technology is innovative technology for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, and other popular aesthetic procedures. Q-switching, sometimes known as giant pulse formation or Q-spoiling, is a technique by which a laser can be made to produce a pulsed output beam. The technique allows the production of light pulses with extremely high (gigawatt) peak […]

hene laser Helium–neon laser

A helium–neon laser or He-Ne laser, is a type of gas laser whose high energetic medium gain medium consists of a mixture of 10:1 ratio of helium and neon at a total pressure of about 1 torr inside of a small electrical discharge. The best-known and most widely used He-Ne laser operates at a wavelength […]

1000nm Laser

When we label a laser to 1000nm laser, in the year of 2022 there are other wavelength lasers, such as 980nm laser, 1064nm laser, there is no exactly 1000nm laser in the world. 1000nm-1100nm Laser Diodes Other 1000nm laser diodes: 870–1000 nm 1 W Single Spatial Mode Laser – FP3209 from freedomphotonics. HI-Q 1 MICRON […]

Fiber Coupled Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes couple the laser light from the laser diode into a optical fiber. Coupling the output of a laser diode into an optical fiber makes delivering light easier. Fiber-coupled diode lasers also have several other advantages: The light exiting the fiber has a circular and uniform intensity profile. That […]

Laser TTL

TTL laserTTL stands for transistor-transistor-logic and describes a special kind of show laser modulation for laser sources. Laser sources with TTL modulation cannot be dimmed and are only able to turn the power on / off. … Laser sources with TTL modulation are mostly integrated in low-priced show laser systems.

potentiometer sensor

A potentiometer sensor measures the distance or displacement of an object in a linear or rotary motion and converts it into an electrical signal. A potentiometer sensor measures the distance or displacement of an object in a linear or rotary motion and converts it into an electrical signal. TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures various types of […]


Purchase all kinds of Potentiometer at BeamQus Here A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. If only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it acts as a variable resistor or rheostat. A potentiometer is a type of position sensor. They are […]

laser induced plasmon resonance

DPSS 660nm Red Laser 1W for Laser Induced Plasmon Resonance Tunable surface plasmon resonance in laser-induced plasma spheroids

DPSS 660nm Red Laser 1W for Laser Induced Plasmon Resonance

DPSS 660nm Red Laser 1W for Laser Induced Plasmon Resonance 660nm DPSS Red Diode Laser Max Output Power 1W-2W for Laser Induced Plasmon Resonance laser induced plasmon resonance Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is the resonant oscillation of conduction electrons at the interface between negative and positive permittivity material stimulated by incident light. SPR is the […]

Polychromatic Acousto Optic Modulator PCAOM

The Laser Shifting Polychromatic Acousto Optic Modulator In this video I’ll be exploring a Polychromatic Acousto-Optic Modulator (PCAOM). This device is more or less a special prism that can shift the angle of light going through it using several underlying physics. Inside a crystal pumped with sound waves in the Mhz range using the piezoelectric […]

Acousto optic modulator Research

Acousto-optic frequency shifted comb laser-based micro-Doppler detection for moving target identification Fast Laser Power Modulators for Two-Photon Microscopy Acousto-optic modulation in lithium niobate on sapphire We demonstrate the first acousto-optic modulators in lithium niobate films on sapphire, detailing the dependence of the piezoelectric and optomechanical coupling coefficients on the crystal orientation. This platform supports highly […]

Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM): Altering Light With Sound

Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM): Altering Light With Sound introduction: Acousto-Optic Modulator Optical setups require extreme precision, and researchers must often implement modulators to adjust the frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and direction of their laser beam. Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) uses a sound wave to modulate an incoming beam of light to optimize optical systems and devices. The exiting […]

Acousto-optic Frequency Shifter Research

Check Acousto-optic Frequency Shifter AOFS products here. Why doesn’t the acousto-optic frequency shift depend solely on the velocity of sound in the medium, if it is a form of Doppler shift? Gigahertz Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifting on Etchless Lithium Niobate Integrated Platform Integrated Lithium Niobate Acousto-optic Frequency Shifter Acousto-optic devices that provide optical frequency shifting have […]

Rust removal laser machine

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Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter AOFS

When light is diffracted at the traveling refractive index grating in an acousto-optic modulator, the diffracted light experiences a shift of optical frequency which is plus or minus the acoustic (or drive) frequency. That effect (which can be interpreted as a Doppler shift) is exploited in acousto-optic frequency shifters. Drive frequencies are typically between some […]

Acousto Optic

AO Device from 180nm to 11µm acousto optic Modulatoracousto optic Frequency Shifteracousto optic Deflectoracousto optic Pulse Pickeracousto optic Tunable Filter AOTFacousto optic Polychromatic Modulatoracousto optic Q-Switchacousto optic Fiber Pigtailed The applications: Laser PrintingLaser Projection SystemLaser Drilling/ CuttingOptical TweezerConfocal MicroscopyPolarimetric Hyperspectral ImageryLaser Doppler Velocimeter ACOUSTO-OPTIC MODULATORS The acoustic wave of an acousto-optic modulator is amplitude modulated. […]