2300nm DFB Interband Cascade Laser Diodes



DFB Interband Cascade Lasers from 2300 nm

Our IC lasers deliver single mode emission with well defined optical properties enabling a wide range of applications. Our lasers operate reliably in tens of thousands of installations worldwide,including chemical and metallurgical industries, gas pipelines, power plants, medical systems, airborne and satellite applications.

Key features of our distributed feedback laser diodes
continuous wave
room temperature
custom wavelengths
Why choose our distributed feedback laser diodes
stable longitudinal and transversal single mode emission
precise selection of target wavelength
narrow laser linewidth
mode-hop-free wavelength tunability
fast wavelength tuning
typically > 5 mW output power
small size
easy usability
high efficiency
long-term stability
For more than 20 years BeamQ has been the technology leader for lasers in gas sensing.
Quick description of distributed feedback laser technology
We use a unique and patented technology for DFB laser manufacturing. We apply a lateral metal grating along the ridge waveguide, which is independent of the material system.

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