laser array for escape room game adventurer prop laser maze for Chamber of secrets game intresting and risking green laser game


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Details introduction

1. When get 12v power supply on the controller, but without powering on the transmitters of laser, the system enters standby mode. Then power on the transmitters, the alarm system lights on and let out a warning sound. Then press the red button, the system will be in place.

2. Player will find a four-laser array in the room (Owner can increase or decrease the quantity of the lasers), the electromagnet lock gets closed tightly.

3. When players touch any one of the lasers during the game, there will be alarm audio and alarm light telling them the game has failed, the electromagnet lock is still closed. When they press the green button to open the door, the door can not be opened. They should press the redreset button at the beginning of the array and challenge it again.

4. This prop has anti-cheating mechanism. There are three invisible infrared rays in the array. Adventurers should touch all the three infrared rays to prove they really do across this array instead of some cheatings.

5. When players across the laser array successfully and touch the three infrared rays,the system will play a sound, and press the green button for opening the door, then one lock will release

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