0.5W-15W Laser Adjustable Focus Laser Module For CNC Engraving Machine Printer Cutting PWM TTL Control


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0.5W-15W Laser Adjustable Focus Laser Module For CNC Laser Engraving Machine Printer Cutting Wood Support PWM TTL Module Control

500mw-15000mw hight power adjustable focus Laser Module


Color: yellow, blue, (randomly sent)

Laser wavelength: 450nm (blue light)

Beam type: point (adjustable focus)

Power input voltage: DC 12V

PWM Prot input voltage: DC 5V
Working temperature: + 10 ~ + 40
Power interface: XH2.54 * 3P
Power: 500mw 2500mw 3500mw 5500mw 15000mw
Drive mode: external ACC constant current drive
Cooling method: forced air cooling
Working voltage: 12V DC
Power supply control interface: 2.54-3P (can control power by PWM or TTL signal)
Incidental function: Low-light positioning switch function
Housing material: aluminum surface anodized black
Module material: copper
Collimation lens: optical glass coating
1. Made of high-quality hard aluminum and brass materials, the surface is anodized, sandblasted, not easy to rust, and very durable.
2. Can easily sculpt stone, wood, stainless steel and other materials.
3. With cooling fan, longer life.
Can be carved: MDF, paper, wood, fabric, plastic, leather, cork material, stone, stainless steel.
(15000mw laser can carve stone, stainless steel surface and anodized colored aluminum alloy surface.)
Unable to sculpt: metal, glass, PCB, reflective material, transparent material.
* When working with laser engraving machine, please wear protective glasses and pay attention to safety.
* Do not touch the laser directly to avoid harm to your body and skin.
* Please connect the driver board carefully, the red wire is 12V +, the black wire is GND, and the yellow wire is Signal (S). If you cannot connect, please contact us in time.
* If there is any quality problem, please do not disassemble the laser module. Please send us a detailed video. We will help you solve the problem.
Packing list:
Laser * 1
3P Cable * 1
2P Cable * 1
Glasses * 1
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