CAN tilt sensor



-In accordance with ISO11898-2, twisted pair output
-Support CNA2.0OA, 0B
– Built-in high speed optical isolation
– Supports 5 standard CiA recommended baud rates for 5K-1000Kbps
– Up to 10 km transmission distance, up to 255 tilt sensor
– Operating temperature -40 ° C – 85 ° C

The CAN tilt sensor is a CAN transmission module based on the SST300 tilt sensor. This product combines the high reliability and high performance of the SST300 to meet the PLC/DAQ-based measurement and control system for a variety of industrial requirements.
????Optically isolated industrial grade CAN interface with twisted pair transmission, conforms to ISO11898-2 standard, supports CAN2.0A/B standard protocol, baud rate 5k~1MB/S, and adopts short frame structure data transmission mode, each frame The valid field is 8 bytes, the transmission time is short, and the anti-interference ability is strong. It can realize point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication, which is suitable for efficient data transmission.
????The CAN interface working mode supports three modes: single query transmission, continuous transmission, and parameter setting. The user can configure the CAN interface, and can set the zero point, baud rate, local gravity acceleration value, zero position correction, vibration suppression rate wave coefficient, ID address and refresh rate of the inclination sensor through the CAN interface to realize long distance. Data transfer and the establishment of a PLC/DAQ based control/acquisition system.
????The CAN Inclination Sensor also offers dozens of accessories and options for easy user selection and quick installation and system setup in the field, including: CAN-based measurement and control networks and fiber-optic remote transmission-based monitoring networks. For more information, please contact Whig.
Factory automation, instrumentation, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial measurement and control network, medical equipment, building control, rail transit