AOTF Acousto-optic Tunable Filter 430-1450nm AOTF-Pro



AOTF Acousto-optic Tunable Filter 430-1450nm AOTF-Pro

The AOTF-Pro acousto-optic tunable filter system is the latest generation of optical splitting modules. It can realize the switching output of supercontinuum light source and single wavelength. The single-wavelength output range of AOTF-Pro covers an ultra-wide band of 430nm-1450nm, which can achieve the largest range of single-wavelength options within a single spot, fully covering the required range of nanophotonics, fluorescence spectroscopy research and other fields. The AOTF-Pro splitter module can also use single-mode fiber for direct output, and it can be seamlessly connected to analysis systems with single-mode fiber output devices such as confocal microscopes and spectrometers.

Output mode: 1 direct continuous spectrum output; 2 monochromatic light tunable output
Wavelength range: 430-1450nm
Spectral width: 2-10nm
AOTF crystal diffraction efficiency: >90%
Output efficiency: >40%
Polarization: linear polarization

Product application:

Ultra-high resolution microscopy
Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging
Replace multiple monochromatic lasers
Material testing and analysis


Switching output for broad spectrum and single wavelength mode
Single optical class 430-1450nm wavelength continuous tunable range
A single light class has up to 8 channels
Support single-mode fiber output
Single-mode fiber covers 400-2400nm range
Wavelength software control