2100nm Fabry-Perot Laser Dlode


2100nm Fabry-Perot Laser Dlode

The Brolis Semicondutor Laser data sheet shows a plot of typical L-I-V characteristics for a 3 mm x 0.004 mm laser diode on a C-mount at 20 degrees Celsius. Operation mode is continuous wave (CW). The Fabry-Perot Laser device offers a typical output power of 160mW and is offered in standard TO-can package.
T=20 ℃,Continuous-wave operation

Parameter Unit. Min. Typ. Max.
Resonator length mm 1.1
Ridge width um 4  5
Thershold current mA 80
Operating current mA  0  <10000  10000
Operating voltage@ 1 A V 1,7 2.0
Peak output power mW 160 NA
Center wavelength @ 1 A nm 2070  2110 2115
Spectral bandwidth @ 1 A nm  <5
Beam shape and mode properties
Mode Fast-axis Slow-axis Polarization
TE00 46 deg 20~24 deg TE