300 – 400nm Acousto-Optic Modulator



An acousto-optic modulator for use in the 300 – 400nm wavelength range, ideal for frequency tripled Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers, or 351 / 364nm Argon lasers.

Manufactured in Crystal Quartz for improved thermal management and efficiency. This modulator combines high quality optical finishing with high grade anti-reflection coatings to maintain superior beam quality and high optical throughput.

In addition to the specifications indicated, we also offer alternative wavelengths, RF frequencies, active apertures & a wide range of custom housing configurations. We also offer full custom design & manufacturing, enabling our customers to achieve the perfect solution.


Key Features:

  • Crystal Quartz
  • 300 – 400nm
  • High damage threshold
  • 110MHz

Industrial (material processing):

  • Micromachining
  • Lithography
  • Patterning

General Specifications

Interaction material:                 Crystal Quartz
Wavelength:                             300 – 400nm
Optical polarisation:                 Linear, vertical to base
AR coating reflectivity:             < 0.5% per surface (< 0.3% at 355nm)
Damage threshold:                  > 500MW/cm2 (pulsed)
Transmission (single pass):      > 99.0%
RF frequency:                          110MHz
VSWR:                                     < 1.2:1
Active aperture:                       3.0mm
Acoustic mode:                       Compressional
Rise-time:                      113ns/mm
Separation angle:               6.8mrad at 355nm
Diffraction Efficiency:             > 85%
RF power:                       < 3W
Recommended RF Driver:              A35110-S-1/50-P4K7U


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