2000nm 2mm Discrete Mode Laser 14 Pin Butterfly for Precision Sensing Carbon Dioxide



2000nm DM Laser Diode 3mW 14 Pin Butterfly for Precision Sensing of Carbon Dioxide Discrete Mode

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for Carbon Dioxide TDLAS detection
  • Single Mode
  • Monolithic design without external cavity
  • Tunable by either temperature or current
  • Discrete-Mode (DM) technology platform enables DFB-like performance at a more competitive price


  • Centeral Wavelength: 2000nm 2mm
  • Available Center Wavelengths: 1970 nm – 2051 nm
  • Wavelength Tolerance: +/- 1nm
  • CW Output Power (typical): 3mW (out of fiber)
  • SMSR (typical): >40 dB
  • Optical Linewidth: < 1.5 MHz
  • Temperature Tuning Coefficient (typical): 0.1 nm/c
  • Current Tuning Coefficient (typical): 12 pm/mA
  • Slope Efficiency (typical): 0.12 mW/mA


  • Operating Current: 80mA
  • Operating Voltage: < 1.6 Volts
  • Threshold Current (typical): 20 mA
  • TEC Current: < 1.2 Amps


  • Butterfly Package
  • Integrated TEC & 10K Thermistor
  • Integrated Optical Isolator
  • FC/APC Fiber Optic Connector (SMF or PMF)

Product Overview:
The laser diode has been developed for precision sensing of Carbon Dioxide. Discrete-Mode (DM) technology enables excellent SMSR performance and mode-hop free tuning at a highly competitive price.


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