Mitsubishi 638nm 1.8W Red Laser Diodes



Mitsubishi 638nm 1.8W Red Laser Diodes

Mitsubishi 638nm red laser diode for Projectors offering Industry’s Leading Output, a 638nm red laser diode with output power of 1.8 W at continuous-wave operation, clicking the world’s highest level among the 638nm LDs. The 1800mW 638nm red laser ld can be used as a light source for projectors. The luminosity exceeds 220 lumens due to lasing at short wavelength. It’s the most powerful red laser diodes in the world.
Furthermore, it has industry leading electrical conversion efficiency of 38% at 1.8 W at 25 degrees Celsius, resulting in reduction of power consumption. It offers excellent heat dissipation due to use of large TO-can package with diameter of 9.0 mm.
Output Wavelength: 638nm 639nm
Output power: 1.8W 1800mW CW
Package: 9.0mm
Output Power: Average 1800mW,Max 2500mW
Working Current: 2800mA
Threshold current: 700mA
Operating voltage: 2.4V
Reverse Voltage: 2V
Package: TO-56 (9mm)
Operating temperature: 0 ~ + 55 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 to +85 ℃
Working life: more than 10,000 hours
Guarantee: 1 year


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