IR Infrared 808nm Laser Illuminator Monitoring Camera Module Remote 2000m 2KM Laser Supplementary Light




There are multiple dimming methods such as photosensitive automatic dimming, passive dimming and remote background dimming.
Intelligent synchronous zoom, automatically adapts to the lens angle of view, intelligently adjusts the light intensity, supports system presets,
The synchronous electric zoom is continuously adjustable from 30° to 0.8°, which is perfectly adapted to the 30X and 20X surveillance lenses on the market to achieve a perfect fill light effect.
The system software monitors the working status of the laser in real time and intelligently controls
Support multiple switch modes such as time switch, manual switch, photosensitive automatic switch, etc. Automatic photosensitive realizes the function of automatically closing during the day and opening at night.
Long service life, high reliability, service life greater than 5 years (12 hours a day to start up)
Laser illumination distance of 100 meters to 2000 meters (optional kilometers), small size and easy product integration.
Support PELCO protocol control, provide RS232, RS422, RS485 optional serial ports.

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Technical indicators
Laser wavelength 808nm
Laser output power 12W±1W
Spot shape round
Irradiation distance 2000 meters
Uniformity of spot uniformity
Divergence angle 0.8~30°
Working voltage 12V
Working current 4A
Working mode continuous
Working temperature -10- +70
Storage temperature -40- +85
Whole machine power consumption <100
Material Aluminum alloy
Appearance color: sandblasted silver anodized
Laser protection class IV
Communication interface RS232; RS485; RS422
Communication protocol Pelco-d
The weight of the whole machine is about 400g
Appearance size: 65mmx66mmx128mm
Cooling method: forced air cooling

Application areas:
Infrared laser lighting module is mainly used in night video surveillance auxiliary lighting. It is used in conjunction with black and white or color CCD or CMOS cameras to form a night vision monitoring system. It is used for all-weather conditions, especially for long-distance continuous monitoring cameras at night. Clear and accurate monitoring images can also be obtained under extreme conditions with complete darkness and no light.

Infrared fill light for long-distance monitoring environment with telephoto
Laser night vision camera in PTZ monitoring system
Security monitoring equipment that needs to conduct law enforcement at night


  1. This product belongs to class 4 non-visible light laser. When the laser light is on, it is strictly forbidden to use your eyes
    Look directly at the laser beam or use an optical instrument to observe the laser beam against the light.
  2. In normal use, flammable objects are strictly prohibited within 100cm in front of the lens to prevent
    Start a fire.
  3. During the use of this product, the product should be installed in a place where the human eye cannot directly see it, or away from the human eye.
    There is enough distance between the viewing position, and the manufacturer should flexibly choose the radiation of the laser according to the monitoring scene.
    Power to prevent damage to human eyes caused by the product.
  4. When manufacturers use our products, they should affix laser radiation warning labels on the outside of the products.
  5. If the manufacturer finds a device failure during use, please send the product back to our company for repair.
    It can be dismantled privately, and no warranty will be given after dismantling privately.