976nm 15W Multi-Function Semiconductor Detachable Diode Laser


976nm 15W Semiconductor Laser Multi-Function Detachable Diode Laser

15W output power
976nm wavelength
Standard fiber coupling for 200μm/
Customer options:
Red aiming beam
Power PD

Medical use
Material processing


CW Output Power: 15w

Threshold current: 1.0A

Operating current: 11A

Operating voltage: 4V

Reverse Voltage: 5V

Slope Efficiency: 1.6W/A

Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency: 40%

Center wavelength:966~986nm

Spectral width(FWHM):6nm

Wavelength Shift with Temperature: 0.3nm/℃

Fiber Data:

Buffer diameter: 400μm

Cladding diameter: 220μm

Core diameter: 200μm

Numeric aperture: 0.22


ESD:  500V

Storage Temperature(Non-operating): -20~70

Lead Soldering Temp: 260℃

Lead Soldering Time: 10sec

Operating Case Temperature: 15~35℃

Relative Humidity: 15~75%

PD Data:



10±3%/3477 (K Ω)/β(25℃)

Aiming Beam Data:

Output Power:2mW

Wavelength : 630~643nm

Voltage;  2.2V

Current: 45~65mA

Please kindly check the datasheet:

976nm 15W Semiconductor Laser Multi-Function Detachable Diode Laser

976NM LASERS from rpmclasers

976nm IR laser diodes are available with both single-mode and multi-mode beam profiles, and with either free space or fiber coupled outputs. These 976nm laser diode packages are ideal for OEM applications, and 976nm laser modules are available for either OEM or plug and play applications.