350mw 405nm Nichia Laser Diode GH04W10A2GC



350mw 405nm Nichia Laser Diode GH04W10A2GC

This is a 350mw 405nm Nichia Laser Diode GH04W10A2GC. It is a Cut-PIN 405nm Violet Laser Emitter Diode.  It is intended to be used for ordinary electronic equipment such as office equipment, measurement instruments and household appliances. However, this LD is classified in class 4 of IEC60825-1 and 21 CRF Part 1040.10 Safety Standards. Please be careful to use it.

These laser diodes are 2 pins, not as 3-pins as the specs.

Optical Output Power: CW 350mW (@Tc=25° C)
Peak Wavelength: 405nm
Working Current: <300mA
Working Voltage: 4.5V
Working Temperature:10℃-+40℃
Can Type: 5.6 Floating Mounted with Photo Diode and Zener Diode
Made in Japan
Lifespan:>5000 hours
The LD in this listing is NOT brand new.But all tested and proof with the same function and performance as the original version.
This is special sensitive  optical compoents. Please be sure opertor has enough DIY and electronics espeirence.
The above picture might be some difference from the acutal  parts due to the light and camera skills.
Install or take out the LD should disconnect the power fistly.
Never install or take out the LD under power connecting, otherwise the LD will be burned or damaged.
Nichia is the largest manufacturer for the laser diodes, and NDV series are the most popular.  Nichia NDV4B16 has a output power as high as 300mW, if you need lower output, please also try the following diodes:


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