2020nm Fabry-Perot Laser


2020nm Fabry-Perot Laser

Key Features

  • 2020nm Central Wavelength
  • 10mW Facet Output Power
  • TO39 Package with TEC
  • Manufactured by Eblana Photonics, Fulfilled by Laser Diode Source

Product Overview:
A Eblana Photonics EP2020-FP-TP39 laser diode, available in range from 1950-2150nm, is a cost effective, highly coherent laser source. Eblana’s advanced epistructure design is used to deliver an InP-based strained quantum-well FP laser with applications in CO2 monitoring and free space comms. To contact Eblana Photonics, you can use the Request Price Quote button ( above ) or visit their Product Gallery ( above ).