Fiber coupled 2000mW acousto-optic Q-switch for Tm-doped fiber laser



2000nm Laser AOM is more expensive than 1064nm Fiber-Coupled AOM
The 2000nm AOM is used in 2000nm DPSS lasers. The knob is used to adjust the wave shapes.
2000nm Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulators
Part Number:AOM-06-03-N-L-10

1550nm Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulators
Part Number:AOM-06-03-N-L-10

Fiber-coupled Acousto-optical Modulator
Central Wavelength 2000 nm
Operating Wavelength Range +/-5 nm
Typ.Insertion Loss 2.0db
Max. Insertion Loss 3.0db
Min. Isolation 50 dB
Min. Return Loss 50 dB
Optical Power through modulator (CW) 5 5 10 20 W
Min.Polarization extinction ratio 20kw(for PM fiber)
Pulsed Peak Power through modulator 10 kW
Driving power (approx.) 2
Working Frequency 35/40/60/80/100/120/150/200MHz
VSWR <1.2:1(50Ω)MHz Tensile Load 5n Fiber Type 9/125 10/125 15/130 20/130 or Specify Fiber Length (on each side) 1 m Operation Temperature 5°C to 50℃ Compatible RF Driver RF frequency 100 MHz Maximum RF power 1.8-2 W (adjustable) Output impedance 50±5 W Modulation Frequency 1 kHz - 1 MHz using standard TTL level RF ON/OFF ratio 60 dB RF output connector SMA (female) Modulation Connector SMC (male) Supply voltage +24 V DC Package Compact outer package Application As a Q-switch in Tm-doped fiber laser