Laser Gas Monitoring

Laser CH4 and CO2 monitoring detection module, breath analysis CH4 monitoring laser module Laser-Based Monitoring of CH4, CO2, NH3, and H2Sin Animal Farming. More details at datasheet.

Laser Material Processing

Laser Material Processing Laser Material Processing uses laser energy to modify the shape or appearance of a material. This method of material modification provides a number of advantages such as the ability to quickly change designs, produce products without the need for retooling, and improve the quality of finished products. Another advantage of laser material […]

Fast generation and detection of spatial modes of light using an acousto-optic modulator

Fast generation and detection of spatial modes of light using an acousto-optic modulator AbstractSpatial modes of light provide a high-dimensional space that can be used to encode both classical and quantum information. Current approaches for dynamically generating and measuring these modes are slow, due to the need to reconfigure a high-resolution phase mask such as […]

High-Speed Optical Modulators thorlabs

High-Speed Optical Modulators thorlabs Offers DC Power Attenuation and High-Speed Modulation700 nm to 1100 nm Operating Range<2 µs Response Time Polarization Independent External Photodetector for Monitoring/Calibrating Output Power (PDA100A2 Si Detector Included) Near-Zero (<100 fs2) Dispersion Passively Cooled to Eliminate Vibrations Thorlabs’ High-Speed Optical Modulators use deformable mirror technology instead of Pockels cells or acousto-optic […]


We report on a new approach to characterize the performance of a laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV). The method uses two acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) to frequency shift the light from an LDV by a known quantity to create a synthetic velocity shift that is traceable to a frequency reference. Results are presented for discrete velocity shifts […]

Acousto-optic modulation news

Acousto-optic modulation of a wavelength-scale waveguide We demonstrate a collinear acousto-optic modulator in a suspended film of lithium niobate employing a high-confinement, wavelength-scale waveguide. By strongly confining the optical and mechanical waves, this modulator improves by orders of magnitude a figure-of-merit that accounts for both acousto-optic and electro-mechanical efficiency. Our device demonstration marks a significant […]

Acousto-optic modulator has maximum average power of 1 W

A fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator (AOM) controls the repetition rate of pulses in ultrafast lasers. A fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator (AOM) controls the repetition rate of pulses in ultrafast lasers. It separates the pulse train with a rise time of 10 ns, has an antireflection (AR) coating, and a high damage threshold. Maximum average power is 1 […]

New Laser Product Projects for emit all 3 wavelengths Laser (808-1064-532nm)

It’s my understanding that most of the high power 532nm green lasers are actually 808nm diodes, with the 808nm beam being upconverted by Nd:YVO4 to 1064nm, then halved to 532nm by a KTP crystal. I have read that some of the high power units only measure that way because some of the IR light leaks […]

HL6388MG 637nm 250mW 5.6mm H Pin Code Opnext Laser Diode

HL6388MG 637nm 250mW 5.6mm H Pin Code Opnext Laser Diode Lasing Wavelength 632 637 642 nmOptical Output Power (CW) – – 250 mWOperating Voltage – 2.3 – VBeam Divergence (FWHM) – Parallel – 10 – deg.Beam Divergence (FWHM) – Perpendicular – 40 – deg.Operating Current – 340 430 mAThreshold Current – 110 – mA

Mid-IR DFB Interband Cascade Laser 2900 – 4000nm

We divide our lasers into wavelength regions. So when we say range 2900nm to 4000nm that is a region to classify our lasers. But then the individual laser will be centered at an specific wavelength. Usually our lasers tune a few nm, the higher the wl the more nm that the laser can be tuned, […]

940nm vcsel

VCSEL Laser News: Design of 940-nm VCSEL with metastructure 940nm Multi Mode High Power VCSEL Array 940nm Multi Mode High Power VCSEL Array   vcsel laser applications 850/940-nm VCSEL for optical communication and 3D sensing vcsel laser diode manufacturers: trumpf Innovative VCSEL light sources for 3D sensing application. 940nm VCSEL Array – 4W Bare Chip(Preliminary) […]

VCSEL Laser Diode Applications

High-Power VECSELs Operating 700-800nm Demonstration of blue semipolar GaNbased vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers Kent Choquette: Introduction to Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) and Applications   VCSEL laser diodes are a semiconductor “vertical cavity surface emitting laser” diode that emits light in a cylindrical beam vertically from the surface of a fabricated wafer and offers significant advantages when […]

Fabry Perot Lasers

Fabry Perot Lasers 法布里珀罗激光器 法布里·珀罗二极管激光器是最常见的二极管激光器类型。 它们在空间上是单一模式。 激光芯片的典型几何尺寸为1000µm x 500µm x 200µm(长x宽x高)。 根据芯片长度,法布里珀罗(Fabry Perot)激光器纵向运行单模或多模。   DFB的一般都带电子制冷功能,除了驱动激光器的引脚,还有保持激光器温度恒定的带电子制冷功能的器件, 因为只有保持激光器温度恒定,功率输出才稳定。 760nm 法布里珀罗激光可用于激光气体分析仪,用于氧传感器。规格书如下: DFB laser diodes 760-830NM 800nm 法布里珀罗激光器的参数表,请参看如下 760nm – 830nm 规格书。 DFB laser diodes 760-830NM 1653nm 法布里珀罗激光可用于激光气体分析仪,用于甲烷传感器。规格书如下: DFB laser diodes 1650-1850NM 1700nm 法布里珀罗激光器的参数表,参看1650nm-1850nm 规格书 DFB laser diodes 1650-1850NM

904nm Pulse-coupled Multimode Pigtailed LD FC/APC

905nm pulse-coupled multimode laser diode output pigtail fiber sensing dedicated. 6WFC / APC optical sensor head DTS special pulse 905nm laser diode with a multimode pigtail output power Features: High End/Low-Cost Pulsed Laser Diodes Single and Multi-junction devices up to 10W Excellent Reliability Coaxial Pigtail Package Fully RoHS compliant Applications: Range finding Surveying equipment Weapons […]

S1227-1010BR Si Photodiode

For UV to visible, precision photometry; suppressed IR sensitivity Features – Resin potting window type – Suppressed IR sensitivity – Low dark current  

Double Ferrule Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are used to create leak-free tube connections easily and quickly. Double ferrule compression fittings feature an outer nut, two deformable ferrules in soft alloy or non-ferrous metals and, a tube fitting body and are available for metric and fractional tube sizes. When the fitting nut is screwed on the tube, the ferrules get […]

Chromacity and Scientifica join forces on laser microscopy

Chromacity and Scientifica join forces on laser microscopy Companies sign partnership to provide ultrafast laser sources for multiphoton imaging applications Chromacity’s lasers are light sources in Scientifica’s microscopy solutions. Ultrafast laser systems developer Chromacity has established a partnership with Scientifica, a provider of laboratory equipment. The agreement means that Chromacity’s lasers are now offered as […]

nanoplus ICLs and MIR LEDs

The latest expansion of growth capacities enabled the exploration of various design variations within the active region of our Interband Cascade Lasers (ICLs). Together with a revised chip design we were able to extend the maximum operation temperature for continuous wave (cw) operation well above room temperature for wavelengths from 4.5 µm up to 5.5 […]